It’s an environmentally responsible design standard that minimizes energy use consumption by effectively reducing traditional heating and cooling system loads, while the apartments are kept at a year-round comfortable temperature.

This is achieved with the design and implementation of a continuously insulated and airtight and thermal bridge free envelope, including Triple Glazed Doors and Windows, coupled with the use energy efficient appliances and the use of a system of interior and exterior air exchange (HRV/ERV) which retains conditioned temperatures within the units from inbound and outbound streams. A ‘passive house’ uses only a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional heating and cooling systems.

213 Columbia is one of the first few multi-family buildings in Brooklyn to implement the principles of a ‘passive house.’

For more information visit: http://www.passivehouse-international.org/. The brochure on the site might be of particular interest.

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A Passiv House Comparison:

Thermal Performance as seen through an Infrared Camera